Adult Care Home AdminNHA130Natural Healing With Herbs
 NHA141Drug Awareness
 NHA145Hot Topics in Women's Health
 NHA146Professionalism in Health Care
 NHA160Social Services Designee/Activities Director
 NHA161Medical Administrative Aspects
 NHA235Long Term Care Medical Records
 NHA239Medical Office Accounting
AgricultureAGR100AField Studies
 AGR101Agriculture Orientation
 AGR103Principles of Animal Science
 AGR105Introduction to Equine Science
 AGR106Livestock Evaluation
 AGR107Equine Selection and Evaluation
 AGR201Animal Science & Industry
 AGR202Advance Livestock Evaluation
 AGR203Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition
 AGR206Farm Management
 AGR207Marketing of Agriculture Product
 AGR210Oral Reasons
 AGR213Agriculture Economics
 AGR214Crop Science
 AGR215Agricultural Computations
 AGR216Agriculture Tech Management
 AGR220Special Topics in Agriculture
 AGR223Agricultural Entomology
 AGR224Soil Science
 AGR251Agricultural Chemicals
 AGR260Beef Management
ArtART101Art Appreciation
 ART120Design I
 ART121Design II
 ART126Drawing I
 ART127Drawing II
 ART133Painting I
 ART134Painting II
 ART160Digital Photography-UsingSmartphones, Tablets & Apps
 ART161Digital Photography I
 ART162Digital Photography II
 ART216Life Drawing
 ART233Painting III
 ART234Painting IV
Biological ScienceBIO102Principles of Biology
 BIO106Environmental Science
 BIO115Basic Nutrition
 BIO150Biology I (cellular)
 BIO210Biology II (organismal)
 BIO257Human Anatomy & Physiology
 BIO260Human Anatomy & Physiology I
 BIO265Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BusinessBUS120Introduction to Business
 BUS121Business Mathematics
 BUS125Personal Finance
 BUS129Human Relations in Business
 BUS160Intro to Entrepreneurship
 BUS161Customer Service
 BUS171Internship in Business I
 BUS205Supervisory Management
 BUS206Human Resource Management
 BUS210Financial Accounting
 BUS212Managerial Accounting
 BUS221Business Law I
 BUS222Business Law II
 BUS261Business Communications
 BUS271Internship in Business II
 BUS275Principles of Management
ChemistryCHE105Introduction to Chemistry
 CHE125College Chemistry I
 CHE136College Chemistry II
 CHE265Organic Chemistry I
 CHE295Organic Chemistry II
CommunicationCOM101Public Speaking
 COM164News Practicum
 COM201Mass Communication in Society
 COM211Interpersonal Communications
Composition & LiteratureCOL011Pre-Composition
 COL013Reading Proficiency
 COL040Integrated Reading and Writing
 COL101English Composition I
 COL102English Composition II
 COL115Creative Writing
 COL116Business Writing
 COL130Introduction to Literature
 COL211American Literature I: Colonial to 1865
 COL222American Literature II: 1865 to Present
 COL237Children's Literature
 COL250Introduction to Mythology
 COL260World Literature
Criminal Justice StudiesCJS100Introduction to Criminal Justice
 CJS101Law Enforcement Operations and Procedures
 CJS120Introduction to Corrections
 CJS150Professional Responsibility inCriminal Justice
 CJS171Internship in Criminal Justice I
 CJS202Criminal Justice Interview and Report Writing
 CJS220Agency Administration
 CJS221Criminal Law
 CJS240Criminal Investigation
 CJS242Introduction to Criminology
 CJS251Criminal Procedures
 CJS271Internship in Criminal Justice II
 CJS273Internship in Criminal JusticeIII
 CJS275CJS Capstone in Leadership
Early Childhood EdECE101Early Childhood Growth and Development
 ECE102Principles of Early Childhood Education
 ECE103Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition
 ECE104Creative Experiences for YoungChildren
 ECE105Observing and Interacting with Young Children
 ECE107Child Play and Games
 ECE150Professional Portfolios in Early Childhood Education
 ECE201Infant and Toddler Educationand Care
 ECE202Preschool Education and Care
 ECE203Building Family & Community Relationships
 ECE204Developing Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
 ECE205Early Childhood Curriculum
 ECE206Professional Development andLeadership
 ECE207Early Childhood Program Administration
 ECE210Developing Math and Science inYoung Children
 ECE211Best Practices in Inclusion and Diversity
 ECE212Educating Children with Exceptionalities
 ECE215APracticum I in Early Childhood Education
 ECE216Practicum II in Early Childhood Education
 ECE217Practicum III in Early Childhood Education
EducationEDU200Intro to Special Education & Inclusive Practices
 EDU201Foundations of Education
 EDU202Observation and Participation
 EDU211Educational Technology in Teaching
Health & Physical EducHPE105Personal Hyg & Community Health
 HPE111Basic First Aid - CPR
 HPE115Basic Nutrition
 HPE118Ind/Dual Lifetime Act (Fitness)
 HPE119Lifetime Group Activities (Dance)
 HPE121First Aid & Safety
 HPE127Fundamentals of Softball
 HPE131Weights & Conditioning
 HPE134Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
 HPE201Rules & Officiating I
 HPE211Fundamentals of Baseball
 HPE221Introduction to Soccer
 HPE231Fundamentals of Basketball
 HPE241Theory & Pract Coach Basketball
 HPE251Fundamentals of Track & Field
 HPE261Fundamentals of Volleyball
 HPE298Athletic Training Practicum I
History & Political SciGEO104Principles of Geography
 HIS108American History to 1865
 HIS109American History From 1865
 HIS121World History to 1500
 HIS122World History 1500 to Present
 HIS210The American Civil War
 HIS225The American West
 HIS226Kansas History
 HIS231World Since 1914
 HIS250Latin American History
 POL111American Government
 POL130State & Local Government
 POL171Internship in Political Science I
 POL225Intro to Political Science
 POL250Introduction to International Relations
 POL271Internship in Political Science II
 HUM110Logic and Critical Thinking
 HUM130New Testament
 HUM131Old Testament
 HUM135World Religions
 HUM211Current World Affairs
Info. Net. Tech.CIS100Computer Concepts & Applications
 CIS106Introduction to Python Programming
 CIS109Intro to Computer Programming
 CIS110Cybersecurity Essentials
 CIS113Linux Essentials
 CIS115Visual Basic I
 CIS125Cisco Network Basics
 CIS126Microsoft Powerpoint
 CIS130Microsoft Excel
 CIS135Computer Repair-Core Hardware
 CIS170Microsoft Office
 CIS175Microsoft Word
 CIS215Ethical Hacking
 CIS230C++Programming I
 CIS241Computer Network +
 CIS242Network Security +
 CIS250Cisco Routing and Switching Essentials
 CIS275Computer Repair-Operating System
LeadershipLDR101Principles of Leadership
 LDR140Civic Leadership
 LDR171Internship in Leadership I
 LDR201Ethics & Diversity in Leadership
 LDR240Organizational Leadership
 LDR271Internship in Leadership II
MathematicsMAT015Elementary Algebra
 MAT103Intermediate Algebra
 MAT105College Algebra
 MAT106Plane Trigonometry
 MAT115Elementary Statistics
 MAT123Calculus w/Analytic Geom I
 MAT125Calculus w/Analytic Geom II
 MAT130Essential Mathematics
 MAT225Calculus w/Analytic Geom III
MusicMUS101Fundamentals of Music
 MUS102Music Theory I
 MUS103Music Theory II
 MUS104Vocal Jazz Ensemble
 MUS105Pep Band
 MUS106Concert Band
 MUS110Jazz Band
 MUS111Music Appreciation
 MUS114Applied Music I
 MUS115Applied Music II
 MUS116Aural Skills I
 MUS117Keyboard Harmony I
 MUS118Keyboard Harmony II
 MUS121Aural Skills II
 MUS214Applied Music III
 MUS215Applied Music IV
Nurse AideMED102Certified Nurse Aide
 MED103Medication Aide
 MED106Medication Aide Update I
 MED107Rehabilitation Aide
 MED108Home Health Aide
Pharmacy TechnicianMED120Medical Terminology
 NHA129Medical Insurance Coding and Billing
 NHA152Fitness and Nutrition:HealthyJourney to Weight Loss
 NHA236Legal Concepts
 NHA237Introduction to Pharmacy Technician
 NHA238Pharmacology for Health Professionals
 NHA240Pharmacy Calculations
 NHA260Pharmacy Operations
 NHA261Advanced Pharmacy Operations
 NHA262Pharmacy Technician Internship
 NHA263Pharmacy Technician Topics
PhysicsPSC100Intro to Meteorology
 PSC114College Physics I
 PSC115College Physics II
 PSC120Physical Science
 PSC130Descriptive Astronomy
 PSC154Physical Geology
 PSC204Engineering Physics I
 PSC205Engineering Physics II
Production MediaPRO116Raster Graphics I: Photoshop
 PRO125Vector Graphics: Illustrator
 PRO131Graphic Design I
 PRO155Web Design: HTML/JavaScript
 PRO180Page Layout: InDesign
 PRO200Web and Motion Graphics
 PRO201Web Site Design: Dreamweaver
 PRO211Digital Video Production I
 PRO212Digital Video Production II
 PRO225Raster Graphics II: Photoshop
 PRO231Graphic Design II
 PRO251Web Design: Adobe Suite
PsychologyPSY101Introduction to Psychology
 PSY160Psychology of Adjustment
 PSY230Abnormal Psychology
 PSY263Developmental Psychology
 PSY264Psychology of Human Sexuality
SociologyANT111Cultural Anthropology
 SOC110Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
 SOC121Marriage & Family Relations
 SOC140Introduction to Social Work
 SOC205Contemporary Social Problems
 WGS200Introduction to Women's Studies
Student Success CenterSSC103College Career Success Seminar
 SSC104Speed Reading
 SSC105Mastering College Study Skills
TheaterTHE101Theatre Appreciation
 THE131Acting I
 THE141Stagecraft I
 THE210Voice and Diction
 THE235Acting II
 THE242Stagecraft II
 THE251Theatre Practicum I
 THE252Theatre Practicum II
 THE253Theatre Practicum III
 THE254Theatre Practicum IV
 THE283Introduction to Film
World LanguageFRE101French I
 FRE102French II
 SPA101Elementary Spanish I
 SPA102Elementary Spanish II