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Allen County Community College Policy Manual


00-A-1.1 College History
00-A-1.2 Mission and Vision


A. Powers and Governance

I-A-1.2 College Governance/Retained Rights

B. Membership and Election

I-B-1.1 Membership and Election of the Allen County Community College Board of Trustees K.S.A. 71-1413 - K.S.A. 71-1420

C. Organization

I-C-1.1 Organization of the Board of Trustees
D. Meetings

I-D-1.1 Meetings of the Allen County Community College Board of Trustees
I-D-1.2 Tentative Agenda for Each College Year

E. Ethics and Roles

I-E-1.1 Trustee Ethics
I-E-1.2 Trustee Roles and Responsibilities
I-E-1.3 Trustee Nepotism Employment

F. President's Performance Appraisal

I-F-1.1 Performance Appraisal Procedure for the President by the Board of Trustees

G. Kansas Board of Regents

I-G-1.1 Role of the Kansas Board of Regents


II-A-1.1 Organizational Structure
II-A-1.2 Organizational Chart II-A-1.3 Designation of Job Titles
*II-C Position Descriptions Contained in Volume B

1. Administration
2. Instructional
3. Management Supervisory
4. Support


A. Budgeting and Accounting

III-A-1.1 Budgeting Process   Part 2
III-A-1.2 Budget Administration and Purchasing
III-A-1.3 Accounting, Auditing, and Payment of Bills
III-A-1.4 Payroll
III-A-1.5 Payroll Classification
III-A-1.6 Fringe Benefits
III-A-1.6.0 Fringe Benefits for Adjunct Instructors And Permanent Part-Time Employees
III-A-1.6.1 Longevity Pay Incentive
III-A-1.7 Worker's Compensation
III-A-1.8 Investment of Funds
III-A-1.9 Overtime Pay for Non-Exempt Employees
III-A-1.10 Grants for Employees and Their Families
III-A-1.11 Financial Information Security Program

B. College Vehicles

III-B-1.1 Use of College Vehicles

C. College Facilities

III-C-1.1 Use of College Facilities
III-C-1.2 Keys
III-C-1.3 Use of Equipment by Area Citizens
III-C-1.4 Mail/Postage
III-C-1.5 Telephone
III-C-1.6 Employee Kickbacks, Refunds, Discounts From College Vendors
III-C-1.8 Camps / Special Events Using College Facilities
III-C-1.9 Naming Opportunities and Recognition

D. Indirect Cost

III-D-1.1 Indirect Cost Policy

E. Disposal of Property

III-E-1.1 Disposal of College Property
III-E-1.2 Hazardous Waste Inspection and Disposal
III-E-1.3 Lost and Found

F. Parking

III-F-1.1 College Parking

G. Service Request

III-G-1.1 Maintenance and Repair
III-G-1.2 Printing Request



1. Affirmative Action/Non-Discrimination

IV-A-1.1 Affirmative Action Statement
IV-A-1.2 Non-Discrimination
IV-A-1.3 Grievance Procedures
IV-A-1.4 Complaint Policy
IV-A-1.5 Cultural Diversity
IV-A-1.6 College Ceremonies and Observances
IV-A-1.7 Sexual Misconduct
IV-A-1.8 Practices for Supporting Transgender Students

2. Use of Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

IV-A-2.1 Drug Free Workplace
IV-A-2.2 Alcohol
IV-A-2.3 Restrictions on Tobacco Usage
IV-A-2.4 Naloxone Policy

3. Absences/Leaves/Holidays

IV-A-3.1 Absence from Duty
IV-A-3.2 Sick Leave
IV-A-3.3 Vacation
IV-A-3.4 Maternity Leave
IV-A-3.5 Leave Without Pay
IV-A-3.6 Bereavement Leave
IV-A-3.7 Emergency/Military Leave
IV-A-3.8 Holidays
IV-A-3.9 Personal Day
IV-A-3.10 Family & Medical Leave
IV-A-3.11 Sick Leave Pool

4. Acknowledgement of Risk

IV-A-4.1 Acknowledgement of Risk
IV-A-4.2 Approved Acknowledgement of Risk Form
IV-A-4.3 Emergency Plans
IV-A-4.4 Temporary Closing of College Operations

5. Evaluation of Personnel

IV-A-5.1 Evaluation of Personnel

6. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

IV-A-6.1 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

7. Outside Employment

IV-A-7.1 Outside Employment

8. Dress

IV-A-8.1 Dress Standard

9. Travel/Conferences and Workshops/Professional Organizations

IV-A-9.1 Travel
IV-A-9.2 Conferences and Workshops
IV-A-9.3 Professional Organizations/Development

10. Admission to College Sponsored Activities

IV-A-10.1 Admission to College Sponsored Activities

11. Personnel Files

IV-A-11.1 Personnel Files
IV-A-11.2 Retention of Applications/Personnel Files

12. Employment

IV-B-1.1 Employment of Instructional Staff
IV-B-1.2 Causes for Dismissal - Instructional Staff
IV-B-1.3 Contract length (10,11, and 12 Month Contract) Instructional Staff
IV-B-1.4 Tenure Review Process
IV-B-1.5 Evaluation Procedure
IV-B-1.6 Administrative Evaluatation of Instruction
IV-B-1.7 Self Evaluatation of Instruction
IV-B-1.8 Student Evaluation of Instruction
IV-B-1.9 Instructional Evaluation and Development Record
IV-B-1.10 Mentoring
IV-C-1.1 Employment of Administrative Staff
IV-C-1.2 Conditions for Employment Administrative Staff
IV-C-1.3 Causes of Dismissal - Administrative Staff
IV-C-1.4 Appeals Procedures - Administrative Staff
IV-D-1.1 Employment of Management/Supervisory Staff
IV-D-1.2 Conditions for Employment Management/Supervisory Staff
IV-D-1.3 Contract length - 9, 10, 11, and 12 Month Contracts Management and Supervisory Staff
IV-D-1.4 Dismissal/Suspension Management/Supervisory Personnel
IV-D-1.5 Appeals Procedure - Management/Supervisory Staff Dismissal, Suspension and Non-Renewal
IV-E-1.1 Employment of Support Staff
IV-E-1.2 Conditions for Employment Support Personnel
IV-E-1.3 Dismissal/Suspension/Appeals Procedure Support Personnel
IV-E-1.4 Temporary Remote Work Policy
IV-F-1.1 Employment of Part-Time, Adjunct and Supplemental Contracted Personnel
IV-F-1.2 Causes for Dismissal and Appeals - Part-time, Adjunct and Supplemental Contracted Personnel
IV-F-1.3 Student Summer Employees


A. General Instructional Policies

V-A-1.1 Acquisition of Professional Skills
V-A-1.2 Assignment of Rooms Instruction
V-A-1.3 Assignment of Faculty Offices
V-A-1.4 Attendance Policy
V-A-1.5 Class Policies and Procedures
V-A-1.6 Faculty Absences
V-A-1.7 Guest Lectures/Consultants
V-A-1.8 Examinations - Students
V-A-1.9 Course Syllabi
V-A-1.10 Developing New Courses of Study
V-A-1.11 Dropping Courses of Study
V-A-1.12 Dismissal or Change of Classes
V-A-1.13 Directed/Independent Study
V-A-1.14 Academic Honesty
V-A-1.15 Grade Changes
V-A-1.16 Early Student Progress Reports
V-A-1.17 Recording and Distribution of Grades
V-A-1.18 Faculty Time / Available Presence
V-A-1.19 Educational Experiences Through Field Study Trips
V-A-1.20 Program Review
V-A-1.21 Salary Schedule Movement
V-A-1.22 Assessment of Student Learning
V-A-1.23 Co-Curricular Assessment
V-A-1.24 Institutional Effectiveness
V-A-1.25 Academic Freedom

B. Instructional Services

V-B-1.1 Library
V-B-1.2 Student Success Center
V-B-1.3 Academic Computer Center
V-B-1.4 Fitness Center
V-B-1.5 Audio-Visual Center
V-B-1.6 In-House Duplicating
V-B-1.7 Textbooks
V-B-1 7A Textbook Adoption Process
V-B-1.8 Internet Usage

C. Outreach Program/Continuing Education

V-C-1.1 College Outreach
V-C-1.2 College Outreach Delivery
V-C-1.3 Continuing Education
V-C-1.4 Community Service Education
V-C-1.5 Adjunct Faculty Load
V-C-1.6 Outreach Centers Located in Area Unified School Districts


A. Public Information and Publications

VI-A-1.1 Public Information and Publications
VI-A-1.2 Faculty/Staff Publications
VI-A-1.3 Promotional Activities; Advertising; Sponsoring; and Soliciting
VI-A-1.4 Internal Publications
VI-A-1.5 Class Schedule
VI-A-1.6 College Archives
VI-A-1.7 Open Records Policy
VI-A-1.8 Allen Website Privacy Policy


A. College Councils and Committees

VII-A-1.1 College Councils, Committees, and Task Forces
VII-A-1.2 College Councils
VII-A-1.3 Standing Institutional Committees
VII-A-1.4 Task Forces

B. Administrative Responsibility/Internal

VII-B-1.1 Administrative Responsibility/Internal Governance


A. Admissions

VIII-A-1.1 Admission Requirements
VIII-A-1.2 Admissions Requirements for International Students
VIII-A-1.4 Advising
VIII-A-1.5 Enrollment
VIII-A-1.6 Dropping and Adding Classes
VIII-A-1.7 Audit Policy
VIII-A-1.8 Withdrawal From a Course or the College
VIII-A-1.9 Orientation

B. Student Academic

VIII-B-1.1 Grading System
VIII-B-1.2 Academic Probation
VIII-B-1.3 Student Academic Load and Classification
VIII-B-1.4 Degrees and Degree Requirements
VIII-B-1.5 Transfer Credit
VIII-B-1.6 Credit for Prior Learning
VIII-B-1.7 Student Attendance
VIII-B-1.8 Early Student Progress Reports
VIII-B-1.9 Credit Hour
VIII-B-1.10 Academic Honors
VIII-B-1.11 Withholding of Transcripts
VIII-B-1.12 Academic Renewal
VIII-B-1.13 Disabilities and Accommodations
VIII-B-1.14 Pass/Fail Grading
VIII-B-1.15 Changing Student Records
VIII-B-1.16 Commencement
VIII-B-1.17 Transcripts
VIII-B-1.18 Catalog of Record
VIII-B-1.19 Records Security and Retention

C. Clubs and Organizations/Athletics/Housing and Food

VIII-C-1.1 Student Senate
VIII-C-1.2 Student Organizations
VIII-C-1.3 Intercollegiate Athletics
VIII-C-1.4 Athletic/Activity Performance
VIII-C-1.5 Legal Probation and Participation-Athletics and Activities
VIII-C-1.6 Intramural Activities
VIII-C-1.7 Health Related Services
VIII-C-1.9 College Housing
VIII-C-1.10 Food Services

D. Tuition, Fees, Cost, Scholarships

VIII-D-1.1 Tuition and Fees
VIII-D-1.2 Financial Aid
VIII-D-1.3 Scholarships/Grant-In-Aids
VIII-D-1.4 Tuition and Fee Payment

E. Student Support Services

VIII-E-1.1 Student Support Services
VIII-E-1.2 Children/Pets on Campus
VIII-E-1.3 Student Activities Office
VIII-E-1.5 Book Rental

F. General Policies - Students

VIII-F-1.1 Drug-Free Schools and Campuses
VIII-F-1.2 Tobacco/Alcoholic Beverages
VIII-F-1.3 Affirmative Action/Non-Discrimination/General Personnel Policies
VIII-F-1.4 Vehicles on Campus
VIII-F-1.6 Civil Rights Comprehensive Notification
VIII-F-1.8 Student Appeal Process
VIII-F-1.9 Discipline
VIII-F-1.10 Firearms
VIII-F-1.11 Residency Requirements
VIII-F-1.12 Severe Weather Procedures
VIII-F-1.13 Students' Records Policy
VIII-F-1.15 Interrogation and Investigations Conducted in College
VIII-F-1.16 HPE Activities Center Classes Applied to Graduation
VIII-F-1.17 Campus Crime and Security
VIII-F-1.18 Code of Conduct
VIII-F-1.20 Reserves Called to Active Duty
VIII-F-1.21 Identity Theft Red Flag Rule
VIII-F-1.22 Missing Persons
VIII-F-1.23 Tuberculosis Prevention
VIII-F-1.24 Public Health Disclosures


IX-A-1 1 Allowable Costs
IX-A-1 2 Cash Management
IX-A-1 3 Compensation
IX-A-1 4 Conflict of Interest
IX-A-1 5 Equipment Usage
IX-A-1 6 Inventory Property
IX-A-1 7 Gratuity
IX-A-1 8 Procurement and Contracts
IX-A-1 9 Travel